Ditch the ordinary, savor the extraordinary – drink the smoothest at Lion's Head

After less than 4 years since starting, we have shipped to nearly every state in the US & 13 countries around the world. We now have expanded to a 2400 Sq Ft Roastery to keep up with the growing demand. Experience the Difference at Lion's Head Coffee.

Our roastery is in Royse City! You can also find us on google maps. 205 Rostan Court Royse City Tx 75189

Our Lobby Is Open:

1 PM - 5 PM | Mon - Fri

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Why Choose Us?

πŸ—² Exceptional Coffee

πŸ—² Truly Farm to Cup

πŸ—² Sustainable Farming Practices

πŸ—² Clean - Organic Coffee

πŸ—² 100% Natural (No added Flavoring)

πŸ—² Father/Son Owned

πŸ—² Supports Iris Global Orphanage Ministry in South Africa & Justice Speaks Anti-Sex Trafficking Ministry in LA, CA

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Based Out of Royse City, Texas. Founded by my dad and I after I saw a vision of a coffee plant in prayer! Exceptional Coffee, Exceptional Mission.
  • Super Smooth and Delicious

    This is by far the Best coffee ever! We have been purchasing it since the beginning. No other coffee compares - seriously. We love to even give as gifts!


    - Krystle S. Verified Buyer

  • Always Fresh!

    Honestly the smoothest yet one of the richest tasting coffee I've ever had.


    - Troy S. Verified Buyer

  • Healthy, Clean, and Low Acid

    From a coffee connoisseur; this is the best coffee I’ve found in Texas. It was especially important to me that their beans aren't sprayed with chemicals and pesticides! It isn’t bitter, or overly acidic.


    - Crystal H. Verified Buyer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer 100% Sip approval. Simple: if you don't love the roast you order, reach out to us via email at Ben@lionshead.coffee and we will make sure you get a roast you love!

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Do we add flavoring to the coffee?

Nope, every coffee is 100% Natural! The notes you taste are the natural notes of the bean. Coffee comes from a coffee cherry which has natural sugars and notes are developed during the roasting process!

Is Lion's Head Organic?

YES! We are Organic, while some of our coffees aren't certified organic, we do source from farmers that use natural and organic farming practices. In fact, we have traveled to meet several of the farmers we work with to see first hand.

Does Lion's Head Own their Own Coffee Farms?

Not at this time, but we have traveled to several of the farms we get coffee from!

What does our coffee score?

Our coffees typically score a minimum of 85 points or more meaning exceptional coffee!

How long does it take to get my order?

Typically orders go out same or next business day, with shipping times usually 2-3 business days. You can guarantee your coffee will ALWAYS be fresh.

What do you recommend for espresso?

You can make great espresso with just about all our roasts. It comes down to taste preference. Our Go-To's are Black Diamond, The Kingsman, & Resurrection!

How does Lion's Head taste?

Like Heaven. Literally.

Will Lion's Head Coffee Transform my Life?

Indeed. Once you taste Lion's Head Coffee you won't go back to ordinary coffee!

How long have we been in business?

We launched as Bliss Coffee in April 2020! Then rebranded in 2022 to Lion's Head Coffee, so 4+ years now!

Is Lion's Head Healthy?

Yes, it is. In fact, research shows there are so many benefits to drinking our coffee including:

Boost Energy Levels, Lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Supports Brain Health, protects against diseases, helps the body process glucose more efficiently, and countless other reasons.