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Fequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ, we are so happy to have you here and as a client.
We have tried to answer the most common questions.


Below are some common questions about shipping

How long does it take to get my order?

We ship FAST! More importantly, we roast fresh, typically you should receive your order within 2-3 business days.

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping on orders over $49 & on all subscriptions! Otherwise, we charge a flat $5.50 rate.

Do you ship to all 50 States?

Yes, all 50!

Can I track my order?

Yes, we will send you an order confirmation with the tracking for you to see where your coffee is at!


Below are some of are common questions about our coffee

Do you add flavorings?

NEVER! We take great pride in sourcing the highest quality specialty coffee in the world and with that comes coffee that has natural tasting notes. (Hence coffee comes from coffee cherries)

How fresh is it?

IT ALWAYS BLOOMS. It's that fresh.

What does a BLOOM mean?

When coffee beans are roasted, carbon dioxide is formed and trapped inside the beans. Freshly roasted coffee contains more CO₂ than older coffee.

When hot water is poured over the grounds, the heat causes the CO₂ to rapidly escape, resulting in visible bubbling and swelling of the coffee bed. This process is known as blooming.

Whole Bean vs Ground?

We always recommend whole bean as you lose a significant amount of flavor with pre-ground coffee.

Although we still offer ground which is still top-notch coffee.

How does it taste?

Literally like heaven. Give it a shot, you will be glad you did.

Is it organically grown?

Yes, another big factor when sourcing coffee is the fact that we take great lengths to find coffee farmers who steward their land and create clean & exceptional coffee.


Below are some common questions about our products

Is Espresso a Dark Roast?

Think of espresso as you think of a pour-over. It's simply another way to make coffee. The industry has commercialized it making the term "espresso" known as a dark roast. However, you can make espresso with any roast! Typically you want something less acidic to pull smooth shots.

Find a bean you love and go for it. We do have several suggestions including Black Diamond, Resurrection, and The Kingsman.

Single Origin Vs Blend

Most of our roasts are Single Origin. One is not better than the other, in our opinion, however, to have a single origin it has to be a pretty exceptional coffee on its own!

Is Light Roast Coffee weak?

This is a common misconception. Weak vs Strong coffee is solely dependent on how you brew it. Bitterness is a different story.

Grab a lighter roast and increase the ratio, we guarantee you will be impressed.

Company Questions

Below are some common questions about Lion's Head

Who do we support?

So glad you asked! Each month we sow directly into two ministries. Our goal is to fund an entire orphanage.

Iris Global's FootPrints - an orphanage ministry based in South Africa.

Justice Speaks - an anti-sex trafficking ministry based in Los Angeles, CA.

Where are we located?

Our roastery is in Royse City about 45 minutes outside of Dallas, Texas.

Do you only sell online?

Right now, we are focusing mainly on direct-to-consumer for several reasons.

Our #1 mission is to provide YOU with the highest quality coffee available at the cheapest price.

Grocery store coffee can be bought cheap but it's almost ALWAYS stale, low-quality, and roasted in bulk.

Benefits of buying Lion's Head

We offer many benefits: free shipping, subscription discounts, and occasional offers.

On top of that, the benefit of getting fresh roasted, exceptional tasting, ethically sourced coffees that fund orphanages and anti-sex trafficking ministries is HUGE.

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