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Our Journey

5 years ago, I was in prayer asking God what to do with my life. It was then that coffee chose me. From that day on, I began to steward a vision I saw in prayer.

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Our Core Values

At Lion's Head Coffee

Our core principles reflect our commitment to striving for excellence in producing the best coffee while transforming lives around the world.

Exceptional Quality

Farm-Cup Relationships

Purpose Driven

Welcome to Your Cup of Heaven

As the founder of Lion's Head Coffee, my goal has always been to produce exceptional coffee that would ultimately change lives around the world. We are beginning to do just that.

— Ben Magee, Founder of Lion's Head Coffee

Our History

Oct 2019

Diedrich 3 Day Roasting School

Ben Magee, Founder, took a 3-day class in Sandpointe, Idaho at Diedrich Coffee Roasters learning the basics of how to roast coffee.

Nov 2019

Building the Roastery

Ben and his Dad built a small room inside the shop in their backyard to become the first roastery.

April 2020

Launched as Bliss Coffee

Initially we launched as the brand Bliss Coffee. This was our roasting room in Todd's backyard! About a 130 sq ft room. Climate controlled, clean but small.

June 2021

Maxing out the trunk for Markets

Began doing farmers' markets and pop-ups. Used the back of my trunk on many occasions squeezing in as much as I could!

Feb 2022

We hit the Grocery Store Shelves

The opportunity arose for us to get into a local large grocery store! This increased our local reach and made us a staple in the community.

June 2022

The Rebranding

Rebranded the entire company to what's now known as Lion's Head Coffee! A massive amount of work is an understatement but WELL worth it!

August 2023

We Bought Land

We grew out of the backyard roastery and bought land just 10 minutes down the road. Began construction on our very own 2400 sq ft roastery.

August 2023

Meeting our Coffee Farmers

Ben was able to take a sourcing trip to Brazil to meet many of our farmers and gain a better understanding of the coffee culture in Brazil.

Feb 2024

Moved into The Lion's Head Roastery

Our present-day Roastery where we have room to grow and keep up with demand! Bought a second roaster along with packaging equipment.