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Lion's Head Coffee

Black Diamond Espresso Blend

Black Diamond Espresso Blend

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Our Black Diamond blend - inspired by the black diamond ski slopes.

Blend comprised of 3 special coffees from East Africa and South America roasted to excellence. Each coffee is great on its own, however when combined they create something extraordinary. 

Made for espresso, also enjoy as cold and hot brewed coffee. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your coffee Organic?

Yes, we are organic.

Do you add flavors to the roasts?

No, everything is 100% Natural notes of the coffee.

What roast do you recommend for espresso?

Definitely Resurrection and Cloud 9.

How traceable is Lion's Head?

Very! In fact, we travel all the way around the world to personally meet the families that produce the specialty coffee that gets brewed in YOUR cup! We are very proud of that!