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Cloud 9 Light Roast

Cloud 9 Light Roast

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Exceptional light roast coffee. Easily our top seller at Lion's Head. Great for espresso, drip and pour overs. 

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Mulish

Process: Natural

Elevation: 6000+ Feet Above Sea Level!

"Excellent quality, consistently fresh." - Stacy C.

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Bean to Cup Traceability

For a long time, coffee from this region was grouped under the banner of Sidamo coffee, but since 2002 it was recognized as unique and given its own name. That does not mean the region was a coffee producing powerhouse in 2014 when Faysel, the founder of Testi Coffee, first visited the area. He was looking for a place to start a washing station. At the time, there were a few coffee farmers in the area, but not too many. Undeterred, and quite sure that this lush, fertile area would soon be producing much more coffee, Faysel and the Testi Coffee team set about establishing their first washing station – Mulish.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Mulish washing station – 40 km away from Shakiso town – is now well established as one of the best in the Guji zone. Set on a slope leading down to the Mormora river, the washing station sits on four hectares of land. It is fully equipped for the coffee washing process.  After it started operations, the number of coffee farmers in the area has grown, as have the number of those working with the washing station. In fact, Testi even had to expand operations in 2016 and open a sister washing station (Bishan Dimo) to serve farmers in the same area.

Now, in 2022, over one thousand farmers bring their cherries to the Mulish and Bishan Dimo washing stations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your coffee Organic?

Yes, we are organic.

Do you add flavors to the roasts?

No, everything is 100% Natural notes of the coffee.

What roast do you recommend for espresso?

Definitely Resurrection and Cloud 9.

How traceable is Lion's Head?

Very! In fact, we travel all the way around the world to personally meet the families that produce the specialty coffee that gets brewed in YOUR cup! We are very proud of that!